Corporate Events Catering

Your Convenient Solution to Corporate Event Catering in Melbourne

Arranging a caterer for your next corporate event can be tricky.

If you go too fancy, it can detract from the fun and lively atmosphere. But at the same time, you don’t want to have everyone shooting you dirty looks as they squirt watery ketchup on a lukewarm party pie that’s still frozen in the middle!

That’s why we created The Cart Co – to provide event organisers with the perfect middle ground of quality gourmet food in a laid-back environment. Our trendy carts make a great spectacle at any gathering, and while we hate to toot our own horn… our food will knock your socks off!

From mouth-watering burgers and snags; to artisan coffee, craft beer and sophisticated cocktails – The Cart Co team has a cart for every occasion. Oh and dessert options aplenty to cater for everyone’s second stomach.

By booking our cart hire services for your next corporate event, you can enjoy peace of mind that the food and beverages are not only taken care of, but are delicious as well!